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Intelligent, symbolic art, consisting of number, geometry, metaphor and myth.

Number and form lie at the foundation of everything. They are the ordering principal behind the way matter is structured, the underlying patterns of life, nature and the universe.

Shapes, patterns and proportions play an integral role in the human psyche.

Biophysicist William Levengood has done the most comprehensive and credible studies on crop circles. He has a background in research for the agricultural seed industry. Levengood has detected some unusual characteristics in connection with both the soil and crops of the circles. He has found definite demonstrable changes, which suggest something is occurring beyond what we are generally told. These changes occur at molecular and cellular levels and include changes to the nodal points of wheat and barley stems which are seen to bend or rupture from the inside outwards. Levengood does not speculate to the origin of such changes but he does believe microwave energy might be involved, which super-heats the crops for a fraction of a second, affecting the moisture content and causing the plants to soften and fall over. The soil samples also show unusual changes, crystalline formations and microscopic nodules (or spherules) of meteoric iron have been found and photographed within the formations.

Geographically and symbolically the crop circles seem to speak in universal constants.

I also want to give credit and big thanks to Steve and Karen Alexander at for their efforts in capturing the images of these formations and for all the information and insight they have compiled on the subject.